How to create Cyber Resiliency in your Organisation

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12:00-12:15Arrivals & Networking
12:15-12:30Welcome and Cyber Security News Update, Jon Edney [CISSP, CEH]
12:30-13:30How to create Cyber Resiliency in your Organisation, David Duffy, Managing Director – Midlands, Defend
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The Defend Cyber 7 – how to create Cyber Resiliency in your Organisation.

What are the key indicators of a cyber resilient organisation and how do you therefore focus and direct your cyber resilience journey? Understanding this is fundamental to helping our drive towards building and growing a Cyber Resilient New Zealand.

As a technologist my first instinct has always been to look for technology solutions to fix problems but over the years, I have seen so many great solutions be deployed and ultimately not impact any part of how the organisation operates or improve its cyber resilience. A common and consistent finding is that it requires at least a combination of people, process, and technology but at the root of it there is something more.

I know there are many paths up the mountain and particularly in cybersecurity an infinitely diverse range of views on what should be done. I did however want to impart some of what I’ve learned over the years that has helped me view the world of cybersecurity with a different lens and is really the key to having the right conversations within your organisations around building those foundations of cyber resilience.

To support this conversation, we have come up with the concept of the DEFEND Cyber 7 which are the key areas of focus covering Culture, Governance, Frameworks, Risk Management, Programme, Incident Management, and on-going Reporting. These areas are linked and there might be different focus depending on where that organisation is on the journey. It should be possible to ask these questions within any organisation of the leadership team and rapidly gain an insight into the underlying cyber resilience of the organisation. Like measuring the attributes of the iceberg by looking at the tip.


David Duffy is an experienced senior executive and entrepreneur. David is the co-founder and Managing Director for the DEFEND cybersecurity business in the Midlands region. He has a passion for cybersecurity and in particular assisting organisations in the regions. When he is not helping organisations become cyber resilient he loves spending time with his family and is an avid fly fisherman.

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Event How to create Cyber Resiliency in your Organisation
David Duffy, Managing Director – Midlands, Defend

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